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We had an interesting start to our campaign, The first DM did not know quite what was going on and had randomly setup a very bizarre world where our adventurer’s (not heroes because we are not sure yet of their intentions) where teleported by some king stating that they were the best of their individual race. They were tasked with retrieving an item from a mountain after that very short introduction they were once again teleported to the bottom of said mountain. A few good things happened, the warforged throw the halfling into a pack of rats, A spiderweb that could withstand a powder bomb while the surrounding wall could not. it was some fun, but there was no continuity, it lacked a real reason to continue on. At some point most of the original players stopped coming. I believe there is only one left from that party (the warforged if you were wondering). If you haven’t guessed yet I was one of the players and have taken over DMing since our last one left. I have tried to make sense of what he was doing and bring it all together but failed. So I restarted the world and objectives, yes I ret-coned everything that had been done but I saw no logical option and ideas of my own and a world We built together. As of now they began in a town called Tenebrows where outsiders are not too welcome, especially the mechanical ones. They were not given too much trouble, got setup in a pretty beat-up inn then proceed to find the local thieves guild. They were given a task to find four magic rings that the guild leader wanted, as of yet no one knows what they are or what they do. The first was guarded by a gang of vicious goblin that swung through the forest like freakin monkeys. Eventually the ring was retrieved. When returning with the prize they had come to find out the city has been overrun by a plague and the guild wants it taken care of, because without a city to steal from what is there to do, so off they went towards the small town of Phandalin. It took the party a few days to get there; as they arrived into town it had been taken over by a band of mercenaries and thugs called “The Redbrand”. One of the party members got chummy with a couple of the thugs in a bar and got some information about a secret entrance to the Redbrand’s hideout. When they arrived through the secret passage a few baddies were around but taken care of easily, they found some beds and rested. That is were they are now, I re-found this site and am begging to use it again. I will be filling the adventure log from here on out so join their journey to save the city and find the rings.Main Page

Saving Tenebrows

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